November is Caregiver Month. It is a wonderful reminder to support caregivers.

It has been my privilege to work as a music therapist working in senior living communities. There I have able to support people of all abilities and backgrounds. Often I dealt with issues of loss involving health or home. I also helped people to continue living life by finding joy and expressing themselves.

The work has never been just about the residents. It has also been about the caregivers. The family and friends are also on a journey especially when the resident is living with dementia. My work has also shown how challenging it is for professional caregivers. Balancing care of so many people while completing other work duties can eat away at breaks.

If you are the caregiver to someone living with dementia, I’d like to hear from you. It matters not if you are a family member or a professional. I’d like to hear your top challenges as a caregiver. I want to know what would most help you find time for yourself.

Take 3 minutes now to fill out this anonymous survey. Those who share their name and email will receive some free resources around the top 3 challenges uncovered through this survey. It is a small token of thanks to support your caregiving efforts.

Take the survey now. Then pass this on to other caregivers.