If you’ve been wondering what the essential oil hype is all about and you are dealing with issues around: sleep, digestion, or pain/discomfort… 

You’ve come to the right place.

a few lucky people can qualify for a FREE

7 day study to

Join our 7 day non-medical study. In it, you will:

~Learn some cool things about essential oils

~Learn 3 ways to use essential oils

~Receive a FREE* test kit with 3 products for YOUR health concern along with step by step instructions on how to use them.

~Receive personal coaching from a Wellness Advocate

Qualifications and Expectations for Participation

What are the qualifications to participate?
  1. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. You must be dealing with sleep issues, digestion issues or pain/discomfort.
  3. You are open to exploring essential oils as a part of a natural solution to address your health issue.
  4. You are not be a current member of doTERRA or another essential oil company.
  5. You will participate in the daily activities during the 7 day study.
  6. You live in the continental United States.
What is the schedule?
Until Friday, 9/28/18 at 8pm central: Applications will be accepted.

By Saturday, 9/29/18 at 10pm Central: Participants must complete pre-survey.

October 1st – Materials will be shipped..

10/5, 5pm central time: Those selected to participate will gather to learn a little about the essential oils you will be using. We will gather via Zoom. If you are unable to attend at that time, you may ask to receive a recording of the party.

10/9/18: Begin using your essential oils. Log in daily to our private Facebook group to join in the conversation and to join prizes.

10/15/18: Last day of the study.

10/17/18, 5pm central time: We’ll gather with a closing party using ZOOM so we can share our journeys. You’ll have an opportunity to schedule a consult to purchase essential oils and to receive a SPECIAL coupon for bonuses if redeemed within 48 hours.


What are my options if I am not selected to participate?
The answer depends on why you were not selected. If you are working with another Wellness Advocate or another essential oil wholesaler, you will be encouraged to reach out to them. If it is because your submission was after the enrollment period,, a FREE consultation will be offered so you can learn more.
Is it REALLY free?
If I DO participated am I expected to buy?
No, you don’t have to buy anything.  If you find something you like, of course you will be assisted in placing an order.

Are you ready to take part in this study?