Planning to be ill? No, thank you. I need to skip that this year.

Yes, we try to stay well. But, life (or should I say illness) happens. Here are a few tidbits on preparing to be ill as a caregiver.

Planning to be sickSummary of the 8 tips

  1. Maintain a list of folks for on-call support.
  2. Keep an up-to-date emergency contact list.
  3. Keep a list of doctors and their phone numbers.
  4. Keep medication lists current
  5. Have basic comfort foods on hand.
  6. Have common over the counter medications in the house.
  7. Stock up on essentials: toilet paper, tissues, bandages…
  8. Have a stock of supplies (including medical) for the person in your care.

Remember, you are not alone. Prepare for the unexpected.

Remember to care for yourself.

Join us in saying “I take time for me”.

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