It is important we as caregivers ask for help. There are a few treats of asking along with a few tricks to sizing.

Self-care involves asking for assistance. Our perspective on asking is key. Dealing with the size or duration can feel tricky.

In the previous drip we touched on the why, that and who of asking. The topic of sizing the ask was touched on. Given the tricky nature of this part, let’s start there.

Dive into the tricks and treats


Task Size

There are two ways we can portion the size – task size and duration. Previously we dealt with task size while avoiding the conversation on duration.

How long will you require this support?

  • A week?
  • A month?
  • Several months?
  • A year?
  • Off and on?

Each caregiver journey is unique.

Defined duration

Some of us can easily identify the duration. For example, we know a surgery with hospitalization will be approximately “so many” days. So support for the home may be needed. (Examples: shuttling kids, feeding or walking pets) Recovery is expected to take X number of days or week. That may call for folks running errands, helping with the kids while you provide care.

Unknown duration

But there are those caregiver journeys that lack a duration time line. How do we deal with this tricky situation? Through honest sharing and conversation.

We don’t know how long this will affect us. We don’t know how deep our need will be. Would you be willing to this for X number of times/X number of weeks?

Yes, it may still feel tricky but honesty removes some of the trickiness from the ask.

Treats of Asking for Support

If I had to sum up the treats of asking for support they would be more time and less stress.

Self-care is a treat we give ourselves AND the one in our care. When we fill our mug of care we can pour some out to others.

Caregiving is a bit of trick or treat.

Remember, you are not alone.

Remember to care for yourself.

Join us in saying “I take time for me”.

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