It can be easy to spend cold, grey days sitting. Whether curled under a blanket or dressed in layers, your motivation to be a part of life drops.  Don’t just sit there! Listen to the sounds of spring. Sounds of spring are there to be found. The secret is knowing where to listen.

Nature sounds are there.

Having spent much of my life in Kansas, birds and wind are sounds throughout the year. While breezes may be cool, memories carry me to the warm spring breezes. Bird feeders near my window draw the calls no matter the weather.
There are also moments of silence. During them I travel to memories of spring. I sense the warmth of the sun, the opening of my ears.
Spring can be a time of rain and picnic by a brook. What a blessing my white noise machine offers this sounds. With them you can transport yourself to a different environment.

Spring captured in music

Sometimes it is lyrics mentioning spring . Other times it is lyrics built around spring activities. There is also the songs you personally tie to spring memories.
Gather them up. Create a playlist or two. Use them to create memories of warmth or to get you up moving. To assist you, check out this Spotify list.

What are you waiting on? Listen to the sounds of spring.