Whether you celebrate Passover or Easter, eggs are a part of the observance. Plastic eggs to stuff, chocolate eggs, chalk eggs, eggs to dye, egg rolls, egg tosses, eggs to eat. Eggs, eggs, eggs!

Let me egg you on. With eggs all around you can add them to your life exeggs-actly as you like.

Egg JokesYokes

Egg jokes are a lot of fun. Here’s an exeggs-ample: How do bunnies stay healthy?    A: Egg-xercise!  ~Author Unknown   Looking for more egg jokes? Check out Jokes 4 us.

Egg Facts

Sometimes I like learning fun facts. There are times they are appropriate to share. Check out these Incredible Edible Egg resources. Here’s an example:

You can tell if an egg is raw or hard boiled by spinning it. Raw eggs wobble (because of the liquid) while hard boiled easily spin.


Quotes and expressions can be used in many ways. You can:

  • Use them as topics for conversation. (You can only talk about the weather sooo much!)
  • Use the start of a quote or expression and have people fill in the blanks with suggested text.
  • Use them to inspire you to write a song, poem or a journal entry.

It’s worth eggsexamining the Brownielocks page of egg expressions and quotes.

No one exeggs-actly like you

There is something powerful about recognizing the uniqueness of yourself or those you serve. Find inspiration in  “No One Like You”  as sung by John Denver for a little song writing. The example that follows was written by a group of nursing home residents saying goodbye to a retiring staff member.

Diffuse exeggs-actly what you need

Rather than being limited to the sprays available in the store, create one with essential oils. Here are three options that you can create for a few cents.

Need access to the oils? Here you go! Looking for other options, reach out to me  .I’ll assist you in creating a diffuser resource that is exeggs-actly what you need.

What are you waiting for? Get cracking and serve up some eggs in your life.

*This post is adapted from on previously published by the author on a site that is no longer available.