Confidently use music to best meet your seniors’ needs

Know what music to offer

Put your residents in the music drivers seat

We help senior living facilities develop a continuum of music offerings to meet varied abilities and interests of residents.

Know what music to offer

We assist you in identifying what music individuals know and like along with new finds they’ll enjoy.

Help your staff reach your residents

We provide tools and services to educate you and your star on the many ways people can respond and engage in music.

Pack the right music for your residents

We guide you in offering more than passive music entertainment and sing-alongs. Know what you can do on your own and when to call in the music therapist.

Being a caregiver to those living with dementia has many challenges.

For over 25 years, I worked full-time in senior living communities. There I experienced first hand how difficult it could be to find time for relaxing during a 30-minute lunch break when you are at risk for being paged. Let alone finding time for a bathroom break between meetings, transporting residents, and leading activities.

During those years, I had opportunities to watch family members with their loved ones – especially those residents living with dementia. Some families seemed to find a way to make their loved one feel cared for while still having a life for themselves outside the facility. Others family members commented how guilty they felt leaving mom (or dad) in our care.

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