Often caregivers aren’t in a situation where they can just leave. A child can’t be left alone, an ill person requires help, there is no one available to cover the care if you step away.

How do you release tension?


Releasing tension is part of self-care but what are your options when you can’t leave?

There are many possibilities. A semi-serious poll was placed within our group. The choices included scrubbing the floor, singing or both. The top vote getter was singing.

Why singing?

An article in Yes Magazine detailed the ancient practice of Lament Singing. (Include link to article) Singing can include words or nonsense syllables. You can express your emotions of the moment or the emotions you would like to have. No special equipment is required.

When you can’t sing or make noise, what do you do?

Cleaning is one of my favorites. It removes something from my to-do list. It is a physical outlet.

Don’t have time or the energy to clean?

Try essential oils.

Frankincense: Rub a couple drops to the soles of your feet to help you feel relaxed, help point you to a more balanced state of emotions.

Vetiver can be diffused or used topically. It’s a grounding aroma. It mixes well with Lavender, Serenity or balance enhancing their effectiveness.

If you have the opportunity for a warm bath, consider adding a little Lavender or Elevation. The trick is to draw the bath. Mix a couple drops of the oil into honey milk or oil. Add the mix to the bath water as you get in to keep the oils from evaporating.

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