Making time for exercise as a caregiver can be a challenge. Walk with me as I share some of my reasons, musical inspiration and some support for walking.

My reason to walk

  1. My dogs insist. They don’t care about the weather. The exercise and stimulation are what they crave).
  2. I find time in nature stimulation. True, I’m not a big fan of freezing temps, driving rain/snow, or some of the high winds that blow in the plains. But, walking allows me to observe the wonders of nature.
  3. Other than good shoes, special equipment isn’t (generally) needed. That means if we are traveling or are receiving medical care, I don’t need to pack a bunch of stuff.
  4. I can do it alone or with others. It can suit my need and my situation.
  5. While walking I have time to think, to repeat mantras, to allow thoughts to flow through without needing to be attached to them.
  6. Supporting a healthy life is needed especially when you care for others. This is a weight bearing exercise that allows me to raise my heart rate.

There are many other reasons I walk. Please share yours in the comments below.

What sparks me to walk?

Inspiration to walk

My mind thinks in songs. Here is a starter list of songs that speak to walking and inspire me to do so. Use them as inspiration for your own list.

Support to walk

Sometimes a little discomfort creeps into life. Check out a few items that support me walking.

In this live I shared what I use to prepare me to walk along with some post walk ideas to stay healthy.

If you are ready to dive in, place your order using this handy link. Wanting help selecting just what you need? Drop me message.

While you are at it, love a little on some feet. Back in 2011, I read a post on Moving Smart.  It included instructions for the foot massage including a poem to share while giving a foot massage.  I set the poem by Gill McConnell to a simple tune you can share with a child or someone else in your care. May you this song and a massage be a bright spot in your day.